About Pharmacy

I believe, almost everyone will know about Pharmacy. Pharmacy is one of the major field in Medical Sciences. A pharmacy graduate is known as Pharmacist.

Types of qualifications:

There are two types of qualifications in the field of Pharmacy.

  1. Diploma in Pharmacy ( D. Pharm)
  2. Professional degree in Pharmacy (Pharm.D)

1. Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm):

This comes under Paramedics and is a two year diploma. It is also known by other names i.e. Pharmacy technician, diploma in Pharmacy technology etc. But whatever you may call it, its under the roof of D. Pharm.

2. Professional degree in Pharmacy ( Pharm. D):

There is a lot of history about the transition of Pharmacy degree in terms of its name and duration. First it was a four year degree and was called Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). Now it has become Doctor of Pharmacy ( Pharm. D), a 5 year degree. I also heard that it will become a 6 year degree including +1 year house job i think. I don’t know about the future of it and you can’t predict one as the Authorities are regularly experimenting it.

6 years reflects a disadvantage, because i am afraid of the fact that people will not undertake this course due to the duration of the degree. Already, it has been a rough and tough subject, if its course of duration has been increased further, students will go for alternate available option.


I have seen, almost 70-80 % people confuse the term Pharm. D with D. Pharm. They can’t differentiate between these two. If you tell them i am doing Pharm. D, the answer is Oh yes, Diploma in Pharmacy!!!!. That is also the disadvantage of its experimentation i.e. changing from B. Pharm to Pharm. D.

But i agree that a Pharmacist can call himself a Doctor as the degree name indicates Doctor of Pharmacy.

I am proud to be a Pharmacist but there is a lot to be done in this field as unfortunately, it has not gained its class as yet.

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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