Why Pharmacy?

Unlike other fields, there is a huge competition in Medical field (esp. in Pakistan). The main focus of the students is to get admission at a reputable medical college and almost 99% of the students think of admitting in M.B.B.S. if not, other option is B.D.S. They may even don’t know about the other medical fields i.e. nursing, optometry, laboratory technology, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmacy etc.

Students must go for the option for which they have dreamt of. But one must not select a single option because of uncertainty of getting admission in that, due to tough competition as well as merit/criteria. A student must have a second option in basket which should be based on his/her interest.

DON’T EVER TAKE ADMISSION ON THE ADVISE OF OTHERS. Choose your own path and your own career if you want to be successful in the near future.

Why I prefer Pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a life saving profession if one is devoted enough. It ensures the health of community/population and take care of them by providing pharmaceutical services.

Pharmacy should be option B if one considers M.B.B.S/B.D.S first. Now, the question arises why?

Pharmacist is dealing with not only drugs but also deal with the patients like doctors. Pharmacy has undergone the process of transition and is now more patient oriented rather than product oriented. A Pharmacist can do all those duties performed by Doctors except diagnosis. 

If a student wants to deal with patients then he/she should prioritize Pharmacy because Pharmacist is known to be the Drug Expert. From its manufacturing to administration, pharmacist knows it all.

Thus, i prefer Pharmacy over all other fields.

Leaving a question for you people?

Is there any Doctor who can treat a patient if there is no drug (medicine)? (No offence)

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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