Pharmacy- eligibility criteria and course duration

Pharmacy  has a tough criteria and is a lengthy professional degree program in terms of duration. 

Eligibility Criteria:

With effect from September, 2009, the minimum eligibility criteria has been revised to 60% intermediate marks (Pre-Medical). It means, if a candidate has 60% marks he/she is eligible for admission and can seek admission in desired recognized university. A university may have its own rules of entrance which the candidate must comply with. For example, if a candidate has 60% marks, he/she may have to appear in a university own qualifying examination/test. Failure to which may result in termination of the student.

So, a student must do proper research about the university he/she is going to be admitted. 

Course duration:

Pharmacy is a professional degree program of 5 years (annual system) or 10 semesters (semester-wise system). Many universities offer the program annually (Fall-Sep). 

Pharm. D (5 year program) consists of 51 courses covered in a duration of 5 years. In semester system it comprises of 10 semesters. Each semester has the required credit hours which are covered in the semester course period according to the Higher Education Commission curriculum. 

For details about courses and credit hours please visit:

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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