Pharmacy in Pakistan

Pharmacy in Pakistan is going slowly toward the target as there are more jobs created at Government sector if compared with past. It means people are realizing the actual value of Pharmacy but yet a lot needed to be done in the long run. 


In Pakistan, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (4 years) degree has been replaced with the Doctor of Pharmacy (5 years).

Pharmacy Council Of Pakistan:

The responsible body for the registration of Pharmacists as well as Pharmacy education is a council known as Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP). It is the regulatory authority and established in term of Pharmacy Act, 1967.

PCP responsible for registering both public as well as private institutions and grant them recognition to conduct Pharmacy course and recognize the institutions once they are being satisfied. If an institution complies with the rules and regulations, PCP recognizes it. In meanwhile, PCP may issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) to conduct the course and when all the rules and regulations are fulfilled then final recognition is being given to the institution. The regulatory body may cancel recognition status anytime, if it finds any violation of rules.

Please check the university status first (at link given at the end), if a student is interested in taking admission. DON’T SELECT A UNIVERSITY BY THE ADVISE OF OTHERS. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

Use of prefix Dr, for Pharm. D and B. Pharm degree holders:

In a meeting held by PCP on 1.10.2012, the use of prefix Dr, was approved. Only those who have Pharm. D qualification can use the prefix. For Bachelors holders, they must do Condensed course of one year duration if they want to upgrade their degree for B. Pharm to Pharm. D. 

More information:

For more info about knowing the Recognized universities as well as NOC granted universities and Category A, B please visit:

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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