What Patients actually want?

Healthcare systems are under extreme pressure to optimize the health care delivery. Pharmacists play a vital role and make sure to provide quality care services to the patients. Cost effectiveness as well as patient’s outcomes (therapeutic) has been kept in focus. 

Ease of services:

Patients really want the services they need, should be confined to a certain area. Check up, laboratory tests, consultancy, patient education, all of the services should be provided at a specific area so they feel relaxed and will walk away happy. Diagnosis at one place, lab tests at other, then bringing reports back to the Physician, getting medication from far away, all these rather depress and annoy the patient and ultimately they feel agitated.

Response of Practitioner:

Patients are eager to tell what they feel. Practitioner must cooperate with them by paying special attention towards their views. It will take them into confidence and will increase compliance. The patients value the fact that they have been heard. This will further increase the trust between the practitioner and patient. A lot of patients do not provide confidential information just because of lack of trust and thus the therapy fails.

Cost effectiveness:

Cost effectiveness is being highly valued by the patients. Costly therapy will be challenging for poor patients. So, reducing the cost therapy will in turn maximize not only sales but also will help in financial solvency and optimization of patient outcomes.


Doctors are quite busy in their daily routine. Patients need complete consultation concerned to their therapy and medication problems associated with it. So, here’s one may feel the need of someone to discuss this with. Thus, they consult Pharmacist who can solve their problem and make them satisfy by providing guidance in this regard.

Pharmacists play their roles by providing those services that patients need. Hence, day by day the world is now accepting the pharmacist’s status and role as one of the pillar that held the healthcare system.

Indeed we will get stronger as we grow!!!

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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