Role of Pharmacist in Hospital

Pharmacist plays a vital role in hospital and is not confined to a single type of role but performs a variety of jobs. Some of the tasks performed by a pharmacist in hospital are:

  • Manufacturing and compounding:

Pharmacist manufactures, plans and develop procedures for manufacturing of medicines, I/V admixtures etc. and compound drugs for patients with prescriptions.

  • Purchasing:

Pharmacist purchases drugs from the market. He plans for purchase, advertisement for purchase and select methods for procurement.

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance:

Pharmacist evaluates and analyzes the manufactured and/or purchased drugs and procedures of pharmacy practice.

  • Storage and inventory control of drugs:

Pharmacist stores the drugs as required and distributes them to various sections, and maintain the inventory of drugs. They keep a check on the expiry of drugs and report the concerned authority accordingly.

  • Dispensing of drugs:

Pharmacist dispenses drug to the in patient and out patients with medication order and prescriptions.

  • Clinical services:

Besides dispensing, pharmacist provides clinical services like monitoring of drug use, evaluation of adverse drugs reactions, drug interactions and counseling the patients regarding drug utilization and other drug related information.

  • Drug information services:

Pharmacist provides the services of drug information, establishes and maintains drug/medicine information center.

  • Teaching and education:

Pharmacist teaches, educates and trains the patients, public, social workers, health care professionals as well as health care students about the drugs, their uses and pharmaceutical care services.

  • Involvement in committees:

Pharmacist is involved in various administrative and other committees within the institutions.

  • Development of hospital formulary:

Pharmacist being the member of Pharmacy Therapeutic Committee (PTC) is involved in developing and updating the hospital formulary.

Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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