Pharmacy Program

1ST Professional Year

Semester I

Pharmaceutical Chemistry I (Organic Chemistry I)

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry I

Pharmaceutics I (Physical Pharmacy I)

Physiology & Histology I




Semester II

Pharmaceutical Chemistry II (Organic Chemistry II)

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry II

Pharmaceutics II (Physical Pharmacy II)

Physiology & Histology II



2nd Professional Year

Semester III

Pakistan studies

Pharmaceutics III (Pharmaceutical Preparations I)

Pharmacognosy I

Pharmacology & Therapeutics I

Pharmaceutical Microbiology I

Semester IV

Islamiyat (Comp.)

Pharmaceutics IV (Pharmaceutical Preparations II)

Pharmacognosy II

Pharmacology & Therapeutics II

Pharmaceutical Microbiology II


3rd Professional Year

Semester V


Pharmacology & Therapeutics III (Systemic Pharmacology I)

Pharmacognosy III

Pharmaceutical Chemistry III (Instrumentation I)

Pharmaceutics V (Dispensing Pharmacy)


Semester VI

Computer & its Applications in Pharmacy

Pharmacology & Therapeutics IV (Systemic Pharmacology II)

Pharmacognosy IV

Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV (Instrumentation II)

Pharmaceutics VI (Community Pharmacy)


4th Professional Year


Semester VII

Pharmaceutics VII (Hospital Pharmacy I)

Pharmaceutics VIII (Clinical Pharmacy I)

Pharmaceutics IX (Industrial Pharmacy I)

Pharmaceutics X (Biopharmaceutics I)

Pharmaceutics XI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management I)


Semester VIII

Pharmaceutics XII (Hospital Pharmacy II)

Pharmaceutics XIII (Clinical Pharmacy II)

Pharmaceutics XIV (Industrial Pharmacy II)

Pharmaceutics XV (Biopharmaceutics II)

Pharmaceutics XVI (Pharmaceutical Quality Management II)


5th Professional Year


Semester IX

Pharmaceutical Chemistry V (Medicinal Chemistry I)

Pharmaceutics XVII (Clinical Pharmacy III)

Pharmaceutics XVIII (Pharmaceutical Technology I)

Pharmaceutics XIX (Forensic Pharmacy I)

Pharmaceutics XX (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing I)


Semester X

Pharmaceutical Chemistry VI (Medicinal Chemistry II)

Pharmaceutics XXI (Clinical Pharmacy IV)

Pharmaceutics XXII (Pharmaceutical Technology II)

Pharmaceutics XXIII (Forensic Pharmacy II)

Pharmaceutics XXIV (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing II)


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