Poison antidotes and dosing

Poison Antidote Dose
Iron salt Deferroxamine 15mg/kg/hr
Lead Calcium EDTA 50-75mg/kg/day IM/IV in divided doses for a max. of 5 days
Arsenic, gold and mercury BAL (dimercapol) 3-5mg/kg/4 hourly IM for 2 days followed by 2.5-3mg/kg/6hourly for a week (7 days)
Narcotic drug like morphine Naloxane 1-2mg IM/IV/SC
Barbiturates Coramine IV at dose 5ml increased to 10ml in 15 min followed by 20ml every 30 min till reflexes return
Paracetamol Acetyl cysteine Loading dose 140mg/kg. then 70mg/kg/4 hourly until serum level is 0
Cardiotonic drugs like tricyclic antidepressants quinidine etc. Sodium bicarbonate 1-2mg/kg. care should be taken as antidote may produce heart failure
Physostigmine Atropine 1-2mg every 10-15 min till the symptoms disappear
Organophosphorus compounds like insecticides Atropine followed by parlidoxime Atropine inj. every 20-30 min till the symptoms disappear, followed by 1g IV of parlidoxime every 3-4 hourly


Abid Ali @abidaliphm

Doctor of Pharmacy


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